Gotta love an Ass

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 7:07 AM

So there I was on my facebook facebooking when I get this message.
Guy: howdy
Blah blah blah some chatting and time goes by till I got this message.
Guy: looking through your pics…u have some cute undies 
Me: thanks seems to be a common theme on my pictures
He is was referring to this relatively old picture.
cutie me
I like comment and I don’t mind being called cute so I was like, Thanks!
Then he tells me that he loves cute underwear and how many I own. He says he apparently has tons of them. Not that I really care their underwear, I only own enough to last me two weeks.
Then he asks:
Guy: any pics ? of them?
which I respond in the most Nieve way ever:
ME: Yeah I wear them for fb to see
This clearly went over my head and I thought he just wanted to see my undies, but he’s being more sexual apparently. But yeah then from the melodrama inside him he tells me this!
GUY: what?no need to be a smart ass. i guess you shouldnt post photos in your underwear or half dressed and u wouldnt come off as a slut just sayin
What a fucking ass hole seriously! What the hell, GO FUCK YOUR SELF. I tell him he’s a dick and blah blah he says sorry and then asks what I’m wearing and if I want a picture of his undies (dick view). Note this, it was just 2 minutes before when he called me slut for being cute. So i play along full intent on what I was going to do. I give him my old email and he sends me this:
where I respond with this beautiful this:
 ”Can’t believe the audacity to call me a slut, when I was trying to be cute in MY PROFILE, and then ask me for a picture anyway? Fuck you guy. I’m not a smart ass, you’re a pretentious insecure dick whom is way to fucking dramatic !”
So yeah, that was glory for me. The little things in life make me happy. I also blocked his ass from my facebook and I got a reply on the email that made me giggle as if to scare me.
“You blocked me on FB? You’re a douche! :P  No worries, I work for in technology for the gov. , I can see your profile regardless. 
Take care! :P “
Cool story bro, I didn’t know I ment so much to you. Just know I’m not scared of a ass wipe who flips out faster then you can say hello. And if i ever find out you access my account. I’ll make sure your bullying ass will lose that Gov. Tech job.
Gary Harrel,  Cheers you pretentious fuck ;)

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