Tuesday, May 20, 2008 6:01 AM

this is my most favorite photo of Julie!!

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me and Julie

6:00 AM

J'amie quand julie chez mon masion!!

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Julie and Me at Prom

5:59 AM

We had fun partying at the prom.

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My year with Julie!!!!!!!!!

5:56 AM

My Year With Julie was Great... till we split up!!!
She is also a Exchange student from Belgium!! And oh my god was she amazing!! Julie and I had a lot in common... like career paths that we wanted and interests!! She was a little more Shyer then me. But that is okay!! 
She is less possesive over things and didn't want everything, like the family that she was staying with!! She is more of a Small town European Chick!! That is the thing that I loved about her! =)
I First met Julie, (a true meeting with a convertation), on the Spanish Trip. And I kind of felt that she didn't like me... oh was i lieing to myself!!!! but that is okay! Well we Started going out oct. 22 and oh my god was I happy when she said, "yes"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yey =D
I reallllllly liked her!! And so did she. I enjoyed every minute with her, and I really wish that we could of Spent more time with one another!
She tought me more of the Love language of French, and didn't like the Helene teaching me the bad language!! lol =D
She addmired my drawing skills and tell me that she doesn't have skill..... but she really does....... "Julie you Can draw!!!!!!!!!!!!" 
I think the only downfall between us was the fact that in many ways we were to much alike... I think!! 
People asked me, "german why don't you have a long distance relationship with Her." and I would tell them, "she would want to see me, hold me, and of course want to kiss me, and long distance relationships can't provide that!!"
We spent more time at her house and that was fun, only when i was with her!! I Remember that her little sisters would stare at me till i looked at them.... how cute little children can be!! 
but I liked it more when we were alone together!!
I love the smell of her purfume, too. It may sound creep but I did!! the Pillow and Blanket, that she gave me for my birthday..... well I didn't want to sleep on or in it cuz i would defently remove her sent!! So I used it as Decore, and then the freakin wind and air from the window blew it away in like 5 months.... damn Fresh Air!!
I Gave her diamond necklaces and i felt so HAPPY when she wore them!! =) But I tried to act cool!! yeah!! lol XD
I tried to last everything she gave me and like the collone and chocolate and anything else that i can't think up!! And I hope she did too!! 
I like the talks we had and just being alone.... even if we didn't say anything... i still loved It!! Even when we watched movie, I knew she was looking at me and the movie!! 
And of course, We did kiss!! I felt butterflys, if you want to put it that way!! That's as far as I go with that!! I am a dude!! lol Just kidding =D
We went to prom together!! And I truly realized how much she is like my mom!! She LOVES TO PARTY!!!!! Only bad thing is that I can't dance great........ I am to shy to do that, but at the prom i did dance with her and felt....... like i was going to explode..... I just hope i didn't look like a retarde!!! lmao
The day before the prom we went to the movies.... It was a suspence/horror movie.... I don't know what to classify it.......And didn't really watch the movie.... but me!! She didn't like the movie.... she held my hand so tight and my arm was pressed aganist the arm rest..... I didn't realize until the middle of the movie... that my upper arm hurting and my lower was numb.. even my hand!!! But I didn't care..... If it she felt better then I was willing to be in pain.... i made her come to see it!!!!! oops!!!! 
Then comes the bad part of the Fariy Tale of mine.... we split up...a week after our 6 month annaversity!!! tear............
I don't really know what I did... but I must of done something...... it could of been that week, I didn't really pay much attention...... but she was Quiet that week.....!!!! I was mad, sad, and the who book..... but i didn't try to show it!!! I wanted to end our relationship Because we had to cuz she was leaving... not because of some personal issue of mine!!! tear..... 
We don't really talk anymore.... which makes my upset..... maybe she dislike me now??
She told me that she feels that I didn't really like her as a girlfriend.....but that is not true! I liked her a lot... I just don't Kiss any girl if I don't like them!! that is just not me... I ain't a man whore!! 
I still like her, and It makes me sad when i look or see pictures of her and me, and our smilly faces.... and i wonder if she was really happy with me!! Then I get mad cuz I want her back in my life!!! =(
I didn't want to work it out just cuz she has a lot of Stress and i mean stress... from her host family!!! so i didn't want to make her life worse!!! 
Well, she will be gradurating Friday of next week and I hope the best for her.!! She told me about where in Austraila she is going to live and That her family bought a new house!!! and I know she is super excited to go to Austraila...... I would too!!! I would be rubbing it in peoples faces!!! lol =)
I am happy for her!! and I wish her the best of Luck. and that we can stay in tuch..... and of course I am going to visit her when I come to Europe again...(If she lets me)!!!! lol =P
And I hope that She had fun with me and all the time we had, and Laughs..... I am a silly dude...... lol XD lol!!!!!
Julie I will miss you so much... and now matter what you say... I did love you!!! =)
Je t'aime mon amie!!!

From your Silly German Friend,
Christopher Lozo
{German Boy}

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5:54 AM

She is being silly!! We had so much fun at school and this year!!
Helene I will miss you!!! =(

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we had fun at prom

5:52 AM

we had fun at prom

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Me and Helene

5:51 AM

This is homecoming week!!

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My Year with Helene!!

5:50 AM

Well It has been one full school year that Helene and I have been friends!! This Year has probly been the best school year of my life!!!!!!
I have become more Socialy Active then my later years and it feels great to get out of my house some more!!
But This is about my Best European Friend, Hélène.
Well I first saw her on the first day of School, in the office waiting to see who my homeroom class was, and then comes in a woman and Helene. Helenes host mom says that she has a exchange student and that she does not know what to, since this was here first with an exchange student. And I was like, "Super Coolness". and then they leave to go in the media center and work things out!! (Schendul and stuff) But the first time we met was on the end of the day, in 6th period Spanish class. And Jessica tell the Spanish Teacher that we have an exchange student. I was, again, Super coolness!!
So I purposely sat in a site next to Helene. Just so that I could meet her!! lol =P I am like a Ninja!! So my First words to Helene were, Salute, salope. Parle avac moi!!!!! Just Kidding. I didn't say that... I think she would of never spoke to me again!! lol =P
So I said Hello, what your name... and all the normal proper greeting that people do just to get to talk to one another!! 
Then I finally asked her from she came from and she said!! Belgium.... I was like okay...ummm, then it finally came to me were belgium was located in Europe!! lol =P then we Became Best Friends ever since!!! yey XD
So Let's see... We would never pay attention in Spanish class and Talk and Take pictures of each other!! oh and movies!! lol
We were usally intruaped by the big Spanish teacher and would ask us things about our European Culture and Word in either German or French!! And then tell us to work!! and Act as if I am Failing his Class! We would be like dude, we both have High 90s in your class, so take a chill pill!!! lol
Oh after, helene came back from her trip to L.A., Well he moved helene and me, cuz we were making eachother lose our consontration. Salope!!!! but that didn't last long!!!
Uh... let's see.... we went on Spanish trips together, which were fun! Uh... we would Joke and stuff in Class and E-mailext-ing eachother all the time!! 
We went to prom and Had Schnieztle together at my house before the Prom! We went and saw "Prom Night", that was fun!!! lol =D 
You know it is really hard to think of what I should put down, we did too much!! 
You know I am friends with Nick and all but he just slowed Helenes and my time down some..... Me and you were soooo much close then you and him!!! lol
and we had lunch all the time and stuff. we took funny pictures, even if Toledo told us he would take the camara way!!
We would make fun of the Spanish videos and the way people acted in the video and dressed!!
We listened to music in class sometimes and try not to get cought!!
Oh yeah..... We complaied about Mr. Brace alll the time. and would make fun of him, by how fat and Gay he acts...lol......I think he is racist against Belgians!! lol
We would go on Msn and Skyblog in class!! we even did it on our last day in Spanish day together!!
I will Really miss her!! and Spanish class next year wont be the same anymore!! I might just take a test on German and get my 2nd language done with.... I can't take another year of Toledo and his bull shit......<prenounce in French Accent, like Helene>!!!!!!
She Tought me many many Baaaaaaaaaaad words in French. and now i will re-learn the language, so that we can talk on web cams and speak in french.... oh and so that i can meet her friends in Belgium!! yey XD
It has been one heck of a year with one anther and there will never be one like it again in my life..... unless I meet another belgian exchange student that is even more outgoing!! lol so i don't think there will ever be another year like this one!!

Helene, You are my every best Belgian friend and I will miss you soooooooo much... until i move back to Europe and visit you by Train!! 
Your my best friend and I love you very much!! Je t'adore mon amie..... tu es mon connasse!! lol =P =P =P 

Your Best Friend,
German Boy {Christohper Jean-Phillip Lozo} 

P.S.: that is just so you don't forget my name!! lol =D

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