Saturday, May 19, 2012 6:44 AM

So after 5 days of waited delivery I finally got it, my bag! Dispute the fact that I paid for 1-2 day shipping, (for thought who don't know that costs a bit more) finally got my bag at 4:00pm on thursday. Now over the interwebs I've heard that FedEx tends to be... I don't know.... Slow in delivery. No joke. Time to get that extra 5$ bag la!

Outside of the bit fest lets look at this beauty I bought for 27$ (without shipping) lol

Now to start of this show and tell, the bag is from a Taiwan based Brand called "PG美人網", now they seem to only specialize in hand bags, wallets and shit like that. Just like Coach; if your from somewhere that don't sell Coach, think of Luis Vuitton dispute the fact that they sell clothing too. But if you care to actually buy anything from them and can't read Mandarin here: YesStyle, you're welcome.

I'm so in love with it, I know I will use this as my day to day bag for a while! ;p

Here is some pictures that of the tags that came with it, no fakes here baby!

There is the little zipper on the back, which also the one inside and shit.

Here in better light, and the side wings are out... lol 

So I decided to sport it yesterday and walk around the mall after thinking I was going to work... but that didn't happen. So here are some pictures I took inside of Forever21. 

Here I tried to capture my hair, I looked so nice, but my camera on my phone is shit. 

This one below was actually taken at Urban Outfitters.

I know I'm hot shit! 

So yeah, that is the thing that has gotten me all excited for the past week. Funny thing is when the door bell rang, I was waiting on the coach and I fell asleep. ahahaha, I must have looked crazy to this woman. I was so excited that I was shaking as I struggled to open the box. ahahaha

I love you, 

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IS that a kat?

Thursday, May 17, 2012 5:53 AM

It has been a nice week all, dispute the bull shit job loss last week.

I've studied some more of my chinese in my wonderful book of Knowledge that I call a textbook. Only I, ONLY I would buy a textbook because I think learning is fun. As a college student almost everyone (including me) hates buying 300$ textbook on a topic no one has heard of nor cares about. That is why amazon exists where textbooks cost 20$ BOOYAH.

see my intense lyric learning, notie my shitty Traditional chinese.

But other then learning, because that's fun, I have also had a day off so that I can hang out with my hubby. I went into work that day thinking I had to well.... work. But it was an on call shift, which I forgot to mention to myself in my trusty phone schedule. So yeah, I was super excited when they told me that they didn't need me that day. So I went home and made Adam go outside so that we can go to a Kennesaw ( a town outside the city of Atlanta). Of course this place is pretty with the mountain views and the small town feel with expensive houses. BUT BUUUT I had a plan, I wanted to go to it's store that sell asian goods here in the states. ( Ironically the stuff are "Japanese" but were made in Korea.)

So I bought a notebook for my chinese studies and a cute little lunch box. YEY :3

I thought the cute kitty was really cute so I got this for about 1$ HOLY SHIT CHEAP la!

Here is what I went to the store to get, this lunch box. It's is so small it fits in my bag ahhhhhh
BTW this was when I brought it to work, and that's tofu la. 

So yeah me and adam did some walking around the mall and we stopped by the ATT Kiosk, and after some hard thinking and talking, adam decided to FINALLY upgrade his phone from shit to not shit. :) So he got the NEW IPHONE (he had the iphone 3g that was literally falling apart and dyeing.) But this made me think so this Saturday i'm switching to att from tmobile for an Iphone too. The math was too simple to say no. See I get a discount at ATT and with a Family plan adam and I would only have to pay 57$ each or so. Which is better then paying 90$ that I pay now. HELL YEAH.


So I was browsing the WP marketplace and I found this app called, "PURICLUB". Which essentially is a Purikura app that Iphone has millions off. So dispute it being the only app of it's kind on WP i decided to take pictures and doll them up so here are two of my shittopieces. 

This is an older picture of me and adam at David and Busters on SUPER BALL SUNDAY. 

Here I am trying to be Classy but Sexy with a side order of Mysterious. 

So yeah other then these awesome things and studying I decided to take a picture of outfits I wore to work. These are all from days where I cared about what I looked like before going into a retail store!

This is for shits. YEAH I'm so hot in my bathroom, are you jelly?

and before I sign off, I found thing in my ancient archive of pictures I used for myspace layouts and the like... this is from 2009. ahhh  so long ago.

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Friday, May 11, 2012 1:33 AM

Now I have had my "Basic Spoken Chinese" Textbook for about a month now. Since I work so much and because I'm lazy; I haven't really actually started studying my chinese. Sure I have gotten through the 1million page chapter on how to pronounce chinese. But now I have to make a schedule to actually study words and sentences. YEYEYEYEYEY

For all reasons being I actually like Chinese dispute the fact that I listen to Kpop all the time. But the major issue I have is the fact that I'm not into all the blogs and youtube channels devoted to Chinese Learning and Culture. Where as when you look for Korean and Japanese Blogs and Videos you will find a wide array of greatly crafted and nice looking Blogs and videos. Now for me personally I tend to stick to a blog when it actually looks nice. When I see a language blog that looks like it's from the early days of the internet I get put off and leave the site. Also the catch 22 is that when I find a modern looking website, it tend to have been abandon by the Blogger. YEY :( I feel like the the people on the internet that teach chinese are intellect that lack any interest in making their website look up to date. But then again that could be my shallow point of view on what makes good content. 

But today I found this WEIRD but addictive vlog and Blog called: iamxiaoli.

Dispute the fact that it looks like a japanese horror film, the chinese is actually very helpful. What I think is fascinating is the fact that she doesn't use any English in the video. You learn ideas via context and association. Our luck the association is a murder scene. 

I absolutely love it. What do you think?

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American Apparel and hookas

Thursday, May 10, 2012 12:16 AM

I wasn't sure if I was going to discuss this or not, but I think I will. 

So I thought I had a Full time Postion with American Apparel. I went to the interview, I took the job offer and then I went to the darn orientation for the job. Which all in total was about 15$ in train fairs to get to the retail store for all of these events. 

So after the orientation my, going to be, new boss wanted me to come in after I get of work at Urban (which is where I've worked Part time for about 9 months now). I take a 30 min train ride to the AA store location in East Atlanta, all during rush hour, hence why the ride took so long. 
I rushed to the store and sat down with the GM to talk, which at the time I thought was about getting my new work schedule with them. 

NOPE, I'm wrong. The 1 Min meeting was about my cancelation of my continuation of employment with them. Yup, I got fired before I ever started working. I'm so awesome guys. 

I was so Shocked that it took me half a block to sink in that the Full time job with Benefits that I thought I was going to get was actually not going to happen. 

Now you're wondering why? Why Chris? Why did this happen? 

Well let me tell you good sir/mamme, it was the fact that my availability wasn't completely open to them. Which is do to the fact that I work at Urban. I can't believe they made me go through this whole thing and I still didn't get a job; all because there must have been a miscommunication on the fact that I have a part time job. I really don't get it on how that was lost in the conversation when I stated it in my interview and on my resume. 

It was a bad case of judgment, and I was hurt in the long run. I was pissed and more of anything, really embarrassed. 

It's complete bull shit and I hope this doesn't happen to the next person that decides to work at AA in Atlanta. 

But on a brighter note, before this situation I actually had a good day. I had free Ice Cream and I dressed up the Model Forms At Urban Outfitters that day. 

It makes working in a store more fun when you know, you dressed up the Models. 

Jezebel 1 

This is one I did with our women's team lead. The blue tank, orange/gold necklace and tribal jeans are really hot. 

Jezebel 2

This one is my favorite, not only because it makes Jezebel look like a punk bitch or a hooker, but because of the Black Studded Shorts. HELL YES!! 

Jezebel 3

Now this is is the last of the day, she is girly and I love it. 

Now you may wonder why I call my Models, Jezebel. Mostly because I decided to call them that after I did Jezebel 2, but because it is such a slutty sounding name. It really does and I love the name for it. My girl will work those cloths hell yeah! 

Thank you for reading.

Cheers <3

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New Layout EH

Sunday, May 6, 2012 4:20 PM

It has been a long time since I last made a layout for a blog or even myspace... fuck man. So getting this layout to work is a pain in the fucking ass.

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