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Thursday, May 17, 2012 5:53 AM

It has been a nice week all, dispute the bull shit job loss last week.

I've studied some more of my chinese in my wonderful book of Knowledge that I call a textbook. Only I, ONLY I would buy a textbook because I think learning is fun. As a college student almost everyone (including me) hates buying 300$ textbook on a topic no one has heard of nor cares about. That is why amazon exists where textbooks cost 20$ BOOYAH.

see my intense lyric learning, notie my shitty Traditional chinese.

But other then learning, because that's fun, I have also had a day off so that I can hang out with my hubby. I went into work that day thinking I had to well.... work. But it was an on call shift, which I forgot to mention to myself in my trusty phone schedule. So yeah, I was super excited when they told me that they didn't need me that day. So I went home and made Adam go outside so that we can go to a Kennesaw ( a town outside the city of Atlanta). Of course this place is pretty with the mountain views and the small town feel with expensive houses. BUT BUUUT I had a plan, I wanted to go to it's store that sell asian goods here in the states. ( Ironically the stuff are "Japanese" but were made in Korea.)

So I bought a notebook for my chinese studies and a cute little lunch box. YEY :3

I thought the cute kitty was really cute so I got this for about 1$ HOLY SHIT CHEAP la!

Here is what I went to the store to get, this lunch box. It's is so small it fits in my bag ahhhhhh
BTW this was when I brought it to work, and that's tofu la. 

So yeah me and adam did some walking around the mall and we stopped by the ATT Kiosk, and after some hard thinking and talking, adam decided to FINALLY upgrade his phone from shit to not shit. :) So he got the NEW IPHONE (he had the iphone 3g that was literally falling apart and dyeing.) But this made me think so this Saturday i'm switching to att from tmobile for an Iphone too. The math was too simple to say no. See I get a discount at ATT and with a Family plan adam and I would only have to pay 57$ each or so. Which is better then paying 90$ that I pay now. HELL YEAH.


So I was browsing the WP marketplace and I found this app called, "PURICLUB". Which essentially is a Purikura app that Iphone has millions off. So dispute it being the only app of it's kind on WP i decided to take pictures and doll them up so here are two of my shittopieces. 

This is an older picture of me and adam at David and Busters on SUPER BALL SUNDAY. 

Here I am trying to be Classy but Sexy with a side order of Mysterious. 

So yeah other then these awesome things and studying I decided to take a picture of outfits I wore to work. These are all from days where I cared about what I looked like before going into a retail store!

This is for shits. YEAH I'm so hot in my bathroom, are you jelly?

and before I sign off, I found thing in my ancient archive of pictures I used for myspace layouts and the like... this is from 2009. ahhh  so long ago.

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