Long Lost But Found

Monday, September 12, 2011 7:03 AM

Hey Avid Readers!
So I've been quite busy for a little bee. In the last time we spoke, I have transferred my entire book from Wattpad (thus far) to a word document. Which isn't much but it did take an hour. I've been editing the book A LOT. I didn't like the first chapter, so I began to re-write the whole thing, I'm adding so much. I'm trying to get away from my CELL PHONE NOVEL set up that I have. I'm dyeing to add detail. It still will be emotionally driven as it currently is standing, but with more detail.
I moved to Atlanta, it has been quite a couple of weeks. The uncertainty of my job, and the fact of my new indecent apartment is driving me off the wall. It's old, but in Midtown (the place to be) but OLD, i hear the man downstairs masturbate and my water heater broke. 

We will see where this goes. To much love

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