Tuesday, August 17, 2010 6:44 AM

It could just be me.
But I don't do stress very well.
I can handle a lot of it, and still look calm, but inside i am freaking out.
Today, I hit my breaking point. I completely let my inner freak attack come out- when I was in my bed room.
I started like breathing fast and such. It was rather nuts and now that I think of it. Stupid!

All this is caused through months of frustration with my school. My first College class starts tomorrow, and I still have a class that I need to drop. Make sure my tutition is completely paid for, and get my books. All this tomorrow before my 5:30 college math class. OH jesus. 

But I will figure it out. I will stay calm, and I already have the CRN class number of the class that I want to add/and the class i want to drop for this semester. 

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