American Apparel and hookas

Thursday, May 10, 2012 12:16 AM

I wasn't sure if I was going to discuss this or not, but I think I will. 

So I thought I had a Full time Postion with American Apparel. I went to the interview, I took the job offer and then I went to the darn orientation for the job. Which all in total was about 15$ in train fairs to get to the retail store for all of these events. 

So after the orientation my, going to be, new boss wanted me to come in after I get of work at Urban (which is where I've worked Part time for about 9 months now). I take a 30 min train ride to the AA store location in East Atlanta, all during rush hour, hence why the ride took so long. 
I rushed to the store and sat down with the GM to talk, which at the time I thought was about getting my new work schedule with them. 

NOPE, I'm wrong. The 1 Min meeting was about my cancelation of my continuation of employment with them. Yup, I got fired before I ever started working. I'm so awesome guys. 

I was so Shocked that it took me half a block to sink in that the Full time job with Benefits that I thought I was going to get was actually not going to happen. 

Now you're wondering why? Why Chris? Why did this happen? 

Well let me tell you good sir/mamme, it was the fact that my availability wasn't completely open to them. Which is do to the fact that I work at Urban. I can't believe they made me go through this whole thing and I still didn't get a job; all because there must have been a miscommunication on the fact that I have a part time job. I really don't get it on how that was lost in the conversation when I stated it in my interview and on my resume. 

It was a bad case of judgment, and I was hurt in the long run. I was pissed and more of anything, really embarrassed. 

It's complete bull shit and I hope this doesn't happen to the next person that decides to work at AA in Atlanta. 

But on a brighter note, before this situation I actually had a good day. I had free Ice Cream and I dressed up the Model Forms At Urban Outfitters that day. 

It makes working in a store more fun when you know, you dressed up the Models. 

Jezebel 1 

This is one I did with our women's team lead. The blue tank, orange/gold necklace and tribal jeans are really hot. 

Jezebel 2

This one is my favorite, not only because it makes Jezebel look like a punk bitch or a hooker, but because of the Black Studded Shorts. HELL YES!! 

Jezebel 3

Now this is is the last of the day, she is girly and I love it. 

Now you may wonder why I call my Models, Jezebel. Mostly because I decided to call them that after I did Jezebel 2, but because it is such a slutty sounding name. It really does and I love the name for it. My girl will work those cloths hell yeah! 

Thank you for reading.

Cheers <3

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