Tuesday, March 18, 2008 5:45 AM

Dream's of the Untold

All of this saddness and rage inside of me, locked away like a chest full of gold. all has now been set free, because of your stupidity and ignarence. 
We all are ignarant. because we all don't know the world ande what inhabits it!
I'm losing myself in saddness, I'm killing myself in rage. When this is all over, I will be bonthing, but a crazy person in a cell.

I got to the onw whom I love and because of my rage. I planted an Axe in her forehead. as she lay on the floor. Ilooked at the blood in my hands in happyness and saddness at the sametime. More rage overtakes me. This rage becomes of myself, I'm sad For my love didn't die the way I wanted her to die.
After, I'm finished with the rage and saddness. I grab a gun, place it in my mouth and pull the Trigger.
I wakeup in a room concemed of white, and I am wearing a stright-jacket. I place my head down. Then I see her looking at me. She sets her head down in sorrow and disappointment and walks away. All this is so vivid, as if I lay myself in a dark and dreamsum abyss. ALONE!
Then the abyss suddenly ends.
The woman of whom I love awakes from her sleep.
"What are you doing ?" she asks in horror.
I respond, "Watching you sleep!"

Everything was all just a Foretelling Dream of the Untold. 

The End 

Raymond Wright

Edited By:
Christopher Lozo

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