Friday, May 11, 2012 1:33 AM

Now I have had my "Basic Spoken Chinese" Textbook for about a month now. Since I work so much and because I'm lazy; I haven't really actually started studying my chinese. Sure I have gotten through the 1million page chapter on how to pronounce chinese. But now I have to make a schedule to actually study words and sentences. YEYEYEYEYEY

For all reasons being I actually like Chinese dispute the fact that I listen to Kpop all the time. But the major issue I have is the fact that I'm not into all the blogs and youtube channels devoted to Chinese Learning and Culture. Where as when you look for Korean and Japanese Blogs and Videos you will find a wide array of greatly crafted and nice looking Blogs and videos. Now for me personally I tend to stick to a blog when it actually looks nice. When I see a language blog that looks like it's from the early days of the internet I get put off and leave the site. Also the catch 22 is that when I find a modern looking website, it tend to have been abandon by the Blogger. YEY :( I feel like the the people on the internet that teach chinese are intellect that lack any interest in making their website look up to date. But then again that could be my shallow point of view on what makes good content. 

But today I found this WEIRD but addictive vlog and Blog called: iamxiaoli.

Dispute the fact that it looks like a japanese horror film, the chinese is actually very helpful. What I think is fascinating is the fact that she doesn't use any English in the video. You learn ideas via context and association. Our luck the association is a murder scene. 

I absolutely love it. What do you think?

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