Why can't we be friends?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 7:05 PM

So yeah, I've made a video to tell this story instead of actually writings it.
Cheers <3

On other things, I've gotten new things like shoes and a new Iphone in the past time that we last spoke but that's the beauty of me I guess. Committing to something on the internet is quite a chore. So here are some pictures of things I've gotten and done.

My new shoes from Zara, they are a thing to look at. 

Here is my new Iphone and my cute Outfit.

My new Living Sofa YEY

and the round thing that came with it.

My new Shoulder rest for my Violin

Here is a pastry that I gotten and it was yummy

Pictures of me and some work Friends. 

And of course my new Hermes Kelly bag that cost .0001$ and some glue.


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